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2013) - touch code completely rewritten to support more devices (no more calibration needed) - true touch scroll effect and much improved touch response - secure touch: robust to wrong selections while scrolling confirmation before any bad thing - add option to completely disable touch - options to restore Koush or PhilZ Touch background images - restoring default backgrounds (Koush, PhilZ Touch) will apply live (a reboot was previously needed) - fix touch on HTC Pico, HTC One S and HTC One XL - restore support for device keys KEY_MENU and Home key (KEY_HOME, KEY_HOMEPAGE) - add preload support in twrp backup and restore modes - mount system and data on Aroma File Explorer launch - fix battery stats error in some circumstances - i9100n7000: update CWM Superuser to v1.

8 (through zip installer) - code cleaning, various fixes and optimizations - force reset of recovery settings to v5: new settings file name - backup file name is unchanged so that old settings can still be restored Older Change History v1 to v4 4. 6 (28. 2013) - support HTC One S (ville) 4. 5 (27. 2013) - change event input handling code to support auto-interpolation - auto support for devices built-in virtual keys - enable key repeat for recovery virtual buttons (updown): now they auto-repeat while pressed - fix HTC One X nandroid backup was very slow (ramdisk changes) - fix touch for new N71xx, T889, I317M repacks based on wanam Adam 2.

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