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0x07: Armored - Found on the Open for Business knight armor. 0x08: Servo Visibly pregnant Sims will wear maternity clothes in place.

Of their Everyday outfit. A Sim's maternity outfit is assigned when the Sim becomes an. Adult, and is drawn from a set of hidden, maternity-only outfits. Unless the Sim is pregnant, it cannot be seen without using mods or. Modified objects. Even when a Sim is pregnant, the maternity clothes.

Cannot be changed without using mods or modified objects, but many custom content creators have made default replacements for the Maxis maternity clothes. Pregnant Sims will also have have maternity PJs, swimwear. And undies, which are Maxis PJs, swimwear, and undies that are using a pregnancy morph. These outfits are not added to the household's wardrobe. Sometimes, a pregnant Sim's hair style will change to. A Maxis default when the Sim is in maternity clothes.

If this happens with a Sim using a Maxis. Hair style, it may be possible to prevent it by using Change Appearance to change the Sim's hairstyle, then using it again to restore the original Maxis hair style. However, if the Sim is using custom hair, this may mean that. The custom hair style does not have a texture that is set to appear when a Sim is in maternity clothes.

Notes Edit Clothes which are only flagged as Maternity cannot be added. To a Sim's wardrobe unless mods or modified objects are used. The Sims 3 Edit This section is in need of additional. Information.