Стандартизация и сертификация в туризме книгу бесплатно

3 ROMs 5. 8 (13. 2013) - merge quot;Make quot;one confirmquot; the default action. Create. many_confirm to restore all the extra no optionsquot.

- stop useless mount of data in write_recovery_version() as it will be mounted later - i9195: use custom kernel compiled from samsung source update1 - i9195: enable use exfatntfs ko modules migrate to cm-10. 2 5. 7 (12. 2013) - merge su changes: quot;Add required libraries to list. quot; into cm-10. 2 - set lowest brightness value from 25 to 10 - i9505: use new custom kernel from google sources to fix ext4 corruption, exfat and ntfs kernel modules (huge thanks to wanam ) 5.

6 (09. 2013) - Merge quot;Recovery: Loki patching supportquot; into cm-10. 2 - Merge quot;Support f2fs formatquot; - Fix f2fs formatting through edify scripting (roots. c entry) - Merge quot;Don't print any messages regarding sd-ext to the UIquot; - merge touch changes into cm-10. 2 - add extra. fstab file support to provide blk_device2, fs_type2 and fs_options2 - use blk_device2 to partition sdcard and to format in ext2ext3 for voldmanaged volumes - fix Aroma file manager cannot see external storage due to minivoldfuse - fix ors scripting for new cm-10.