Схема т 55 - Онлайн уж не зомби ли это все серии

29 - Fix kerneefs backup amp; restore for phones without emmc - optimized backuprestore status log for kernelefs: now showing true successfailure based on exit codestderr from CAT 3. 28 - First alpha private release for i9300 - Fix Aroma File Manager path for devices without emmc mount point 3.

1 - 09 nov 2012 - Update to new Touch PhilZ 3. 0 cwm 6. 5 based recovery - Completely revised new touch code: fixed old skips and jumps while scrolling - Much more smooth behaviour after scrolling - Even less risks of wrong validation of menus on touch while scrolling (can we say 0 risks?) - GUI settings are now saved to systemphilz-cwm6 folder instead of dataphilz-cwm6: this is to fix some mount issues on early start and to maintain settings after a factory reset - Added toggle key repeat for vol updown keys (only feature needing recovery restart to take effect) - Huge code cleaning and misc bug fixes - Added install from sideload code based on last cwm6 update - Moved sideload menu to install zip menu - Added confirmation before quot;Fix Permissionsquot; and quot;Install from sideloadquot; 3.

0 - 02 nov 2012 (i9100 only) - Introducing PhilZ Touch 2. 0 recovery (clockworkmod v6.

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