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3 (03. 2013) - properly set time for all recovery session: this will now apply to the time stamp of any file modified (logs, backups. ) - add Daylight Saving Time support 4.

9 (03, расписание поездов калиновка винницкая. 2013). Merge and fix fb2png source: now built as static binary and compatible with RGBX devices (Nexus 4.

) special thanks for this to McKael and a. Huge thumbs up to talustus for his great support - silent failure when formatting non existing sd-ext volume - use statfs instead of stat in nandroid operations - misc fixes - i9100n7000 zip installer: option to skip flashing superuser using philz_installer. cfg - i9100n7000: disable init binary substitution from older LSJ (aka data corruption bootloop fix) - i9100n7000: update clockworkmod superuser to 1.

7 (security fix) 4. 5 (29. 2013) - Support Nexus 4 (mako) - fix nandroid backup and restore for devices without modem, radio, preload and efs - fix recovery functions for devices without external sdcard storage 4. 2 (26. 2013) - fix touch code to support P31xx and N8xxx - merge cm-10.

1 changes: - nandroid backup: save recovery log to backup folder - minadbd: remove unnecessary header files. - add external_sd and efs to etcfstab generated by. Recovery - revert chmod in write_string_to_file() 4. 8 (22. 2013) - multi zip flash menu will now show the validation menu on top of files list - added option to selectunselect all zip files in the multi zip flash menu - touch code fixes: more responsive touch gui on menus. Less skips on bottom virtual buttons - merge cm-10.

Changes - update to cwm 6. 0 - fix About dialog was not displaying what it should for non PhilZ Touch builds - non PhilZ Touch builds are now: CWM Advanced Edition - fix bug: if Key Repeat was disabled, blank screen will hang up when screen back on - add beta support for P3100, P5100 and N8000 - i9100n7000: migrate from Chainfire SuperSU to opensource superuser from clockworkmod 4.

4 (14. 2013) - New Custom Install Zip mode: set a default folder to start with browse backward up to the root 4.

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