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The more RAM a device has, the more calculated results the. CPU can store - which means less time the Ооо has to do the same thing over and over again. Ооо other words, the CPU can ооо RAM to see. If it has already made a particular calculation in the recent past. If it ооо, it can use the pre-computed results instead of.

Wasting processing time recomputing the same calculation. In short, more RAM means a more efficient (and faster) device. SWAP What is SWAP Swap is, in short, virtual RAM. With swap, a small portion of the hard drive is. Set aside and used like RAM. The computer will attempt to keep as much information. As possible in RAM until the RAM is full. At that point, the computer will begin moving inactive blocks of memory (called.

Pages) to the hard disk, freeing up RAM for active processes. If one of the pages on the hard disk needs to. Be accessed again, it will be moved back into RAM, and a different inactive page in RAM will be moved onto the hard disk ('swapped'). The trade off is disks and SD cards are. Considerably slower than physical RAM, so when something needs to be swapped, there is a noticeable performance hit.

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