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0 - 02 nov 2012 (i9100 only) - Introducing PhilZ Touch 2. 0 recovery (clockworkmod v6. 5 based) - touch interface: toggle 3 touch modes: FULL TOUCH, DOUBLE TAP to validate and SEMI TOUCH (scroll but no touch validation) - very stable and safe scrolling in full touch mode: makes it hard to wrongly validate a menu while scrolling - when you set full touch mode, it defaults to optimized settings for menu height and touch sensitivity (you still can alter them manually later) - adjust scrolling touch sensitivity in 6 settings - adjust menu height in 6 settings - toggle vibrator onoff when using bottom virtual buttons - toggle aggressive mode to try stealing bottom space for logs (may or may not work as expected depending on screen resolution and menu height) - backuprestore EFS and Kernel - browse phone with root access using full GUI in Aroma File Manager: checks first in default locations to give you direct access to your scripts, else you are prompted to browse for scripts in sdcards - support openrecovery script in 3 modes using a smart one touch menu: looks first at goomanager scripts, then in default custom scripts location and finally prompts you to browse for scripts in sdcards - show log menu modified to have its own screen: useful for the S2 because of its low resolution.

Now, you can read teh screen logs even when. Having big menus - reorganized menus layout - miscellaneous fixes in initramfs for the kernel 2. 7 - 07 oct 2012 - now using CWM6 based custom touch recovery 6.

4 (internal build 1. 15) Siyah source code - DUAL USB MOUNT in recovery is now supported Special thanks to GokhanmoralSiyah - semi-touch interface with right slide to select disabled for safety: use slide updown and left for back - include bottom virtual buttons for easier navigation - revised GUI with bigger fonts and larger menus for better readability - transparency effects in recovery menus - fixed backup format selection menu in original Koush cwm6 (was echoing previous menu) - added power off and reboot to download mode options in recovery menus - battery level displayed in recovery - fixed some menus spelling and aspect in original recovery 2.

5 - 22 sept 2012 - Introduced brand new original feature: MULTI-bootanimation scrolling on each boot. See post 2 for details on how to use this. New feature - No more true insecure kernel (ro. secure back to 1), ADB root in recovery is through cwm adbd like other custom kernels - CWM updated to last 6.

4 non touch: touch vcoming later - CWM6 is now built from source, to avoid issues with dynamically linked binaries Big thanks to - Tallustus from Team Skyfire 2. 0 - 14 sept 2012 (i9100 only) - Now built automatically through scripting, no manual editing - Added fake getprop to show custom kernel prop credits to Siyah - Fixed missing resimages fota png in ICS 4. 4 (no bad consequence in any case) - Minor cosmetic changes in scripts, mainly properties - Added custom boot animation support: - datalocalbootanimation.

zip - systemmediabootanimation. zip - datalocalbootanimation. bin 1. 0 - 09 Sept 2012.

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